2024 HASS Crop Available - March 11th 2024


Q: My avocados were shipped firm, how long do they take to ripen? 

A: If placed in the ripening bag, the avocados will take around 4-6 days to ripen. 


Q: Do avocados ripen on the tree?

A: No! Avocados mature on the tree, not ripen. All avocados are always picked firm. 


Q: How do you harvest Avocados?

A: Avocados are hand harvested at peak maturity. No machines are used in the harvest process. 


Q: How many varieties of avocados are there?

A: There are over 100 different varieties of Avocados! However the “Hass” variety is most common. 


Q: Why do some avocados I buy have black streaks and brown spots?

A: Extended refrigeration causes black streaks and brown spots. Often times avocados bought in the store have been refrigerated on the trip from outside the country. Here at California Avocado Club we NEVER refrigerate our products.


Q: How do I slow down the ripening process?

A: To hinder ripening, keep your avocados separated and in a cool place. Once ripe, you may refrigerate your avocados for up to 5 days.