2024 HASS Crop Available - March 11th 2024

About Us


Who are we? We are two friends who came up with the idea to get California grown Avocados into households across the US. We are located in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, which offers an ideal growing climate for avocados. The cool coastal influence combined with the warmer mountainous air mend to create perfect growing conditions for our product. California Avocado Club was created with one main goal: share quality avocados that only small family farms can ensure, all while maintaining an affordable price. 


Since high school, we have worked at the local farmers markets in our area. Consistently, people return claiming “you have the BEST avocados!” Often times people traveling wished we could ship them back home, and that’s when the real motivation began to start our business. 


One thing that separates us from big retailers is that we never refrigerate our product. Once your order is placed we pick, pack and ship your avocados. Always handpicked and packed by yours truly. 


We hope to be able to share our passion and hard work with you. Feel free to contact us anytime via email, and we can guarantee a timely and personal response.

Please enjoy!

Sheldon and Collin - California Avocado Club LLC Founders